How It Works


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When registering your organization in our program, you are creating a Mobile App Virtual Discount Card (App) which provides special deals at local businesses. 

If you are a Sports Team, a House of Worship, a Youth Organization etc. , your supporters can show your App and get discounts at local participating businesses. This is truly a win-win. Your organization will raise funds by selling one-year subscriptions to your App, your supporters will benefit by getting great deals while your local merchants will enjoy higher foot traffic. 

Example of discounts that your merchants can advertise FREE on your app.

Example 1 : ABC dental. 10% off Dental Services. Maximum credit of $300.00 per customer. Simply show us the Hawks Baseball App at the point of sale.

Example 2 : XYZ pizzeria. Buy one slice get second slice free when showing the Hawks App at the point of sale. Cannot combine offers.


STEP 1 - Creating your App

Creating your Mobile App is easy. Click on 'Register' and simply follow the prompt. Upon completion, your App will be available in the Apple Store and Google Play (search: "My Fundraiser App").

Recruiting merchants is not a difficult task. Ask your team parents, members of your organization, board members etc., to recruit 1 or 2 merchants each. You will find that most people know a few merchants willing to participate in your program to help your fundraising and, at the same time, increase their traffic. The more merchants join your fundraising program, the more valuable your App will be. We can guide you and help you in getting merchants. 

Local restaurants and eateries are perfect additions to your App. Special offer may vary from a percentage off the entire check (recommended) to Buy One Get One Free or Free Soda with purchase and so on. Dry Cleaners, Contractors, HVAC, Florists, Insurance agencies, RE Agents, Lawyers, Financial Advisors are only a few types of merchant that can benefit from joining your App.  

To register your merchants, you can either upload their information, or you can simply email them a link so that they can fill out and process their registration form. Their listing will be automatically added to your App. You will receive a notification email every time a business signs up. Our friendly staff can help you every step of the way. 

Your team members will sell Access Codes (ACs) to supporters. ACs allow your supporters to download your App and enjoy the savings. You can create as many ACs you need.

How much can you raise? Let's do the math. Let's assume that your youth organization has 200 families. You would ask each family to sell at least 5 ACs to their friends and family at $20 per code (we recommend you make this mandatory). Your organization will raise $20,000, less program costs, from the fundraising.

You can also advertise your fundraising on social platforms. That increases the visibility of your organization and will attract supporters looking for a good deal.

  • - You will raise funds by providing a useful tool to the community.
  • - Your supporters will be able to save more than the cost of your App
  • - Many residents welcome the opportunity to support local organizations.
  • -Increase your App sales by advertising on your social platforms. Ask your parents to do the same.
  • - When registering in your App, your supporters will need to enter their name, phone number and email address. This is valuable information that you capture. Create a database of supporters and keep them informed of all your organization's initiatives.